"Belle Starr, Bandit Queen" Award winning full-length musical about the famous female outlaw of the nineteenth century as she tries to be a lady and the men in her life die in violence. 
Premiered Robber's Cave State Park, Oklahoma. 
"Stake Your Claim" Award winning musical about a proper lady who joins her husband on the unsettled prairie before the Land Run.  She proves herself when her child is threatened.  First performed at Hafer Park, Edmond Ok  "
"Song of Three Rivers" Award winning full-length musical set at Fort Gibson in the 1830's.  Matthew Arbuckle who managed the relocation of 35 Indian tribes romances a half-Osage ballerina as warfare threatens.  Fort Gibson High
"Railroad Fever" A newly formed settlement competes with a town of sixteen saloons and dancing girls for the Post Office in a town with twelve churches.  Full length musical irst performed Cherokee, Oklahoma.
"Hormones, Hormones, Hormones" Musical comedy in which three women sing and dance their way through puberty, pregnancy, post partum depression, and menopause.  Developed for OBGyn conference.  Filmed by NBC.
"Caring" A rock musical.  A singer has a car accident on the way to the Prom.  The students take him 'good time' medicine in the hospital and decide to become health professionals.  Won Natiuonal Production award.
"Oklahoma Magi" The O'Henry classic set top music in an Oklahoma drought. 
"Cicadas" Cicadas invade intent upon mating quickly before dying.  City fathers rig a sprayer as Walter falls for Esther.  (In development)
"Trail of Where they Cried" Musical about Cherokee lovers torn apart by the tragic removal to Oklahoma.  (In development)
"Pretty Boy" Full length musical or One Man show.  Pretty Boy Flolyd loves his wife and son, but robs banks and returns family farms seized by bankers during the Great Depression.  (In revision)

"Oklahoma Red, White, and Blue"  Oklahoma's role in American history in music. 

"Phone Sex" A little old lady, desperate for money with poor hearing and failing hearing aids unknowingly accepts a job in a phone room with a group of jaded operators.   Together they find hope.
"Henyretta's Wonderful Eggs" An interactive children's Easter show about  how Henryetta's eggs got their color.  First performed at Frontier City, Six Flags theme park 2003.
"Fishing" A short play about a group of kids who learn lessons of God, life and death while fishing.  Production award and first performed University of New Mexico.
"Just a little Prick" A dentist discovers the patient in his dental chair is his wife's lover.  The terrified patient cannot speak due to the dental equipment in his mouth.  First Performed UCO, Won contest at N.M. State University 2006
"How I made it big in the Movies" Set in the fifties, four kids in the backseat of a car hope their mothers will actually take them to the drive-in movie as they repeatedly threaten.  Produced by University of Central Oklahoma.
"Horseplay in the Oilpatch" Out of work and broke, a Penn Square loan officer, a Geologist and a Wildcatter move from their oil rich homes to a one bedroom apartment and find hope.  Produced by UCO & The Jokers Club.
"Fear of Rejection" Twin unborn babies converse about their upcoming birth.  First performed Metro church.
"Christmas for Mom" A poignant comedy.  Two children surprise their mother with gifts and a tree.  Produced by  University of Central Oklahoma.
"Hormones, Hormones, Hormones" A hilarious look at puberty, PMS, pregnancy, rearing children, and menopause produced by Oklahoma University Health Science Center and medical meetings.

Biblical Plays and Musicals
The Lord of Creation Series sets the life of Jesus to music through the eyes of five silly animals, some of whom may have been there.

"Christmas for all Creation"
First of the series when five silly animals help Mary and Joseph on the trip to Bethlehem.  Developed and perfomed at St. John Evangelical Church Milwaukee, WI and in OKC
"Star Struck" Shy and humble, Donnie Donkey is chosen to carry Jesus into Jerusalem for the Passover and becomes star struck.
"Set Free" Polly Parrot is mistaken for a dove and imprisoned by the money changer who intends to sell her as a sacrifice at Passover.

Others descriptions coming soon
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