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"Henryetta's Wonderful Eggs," Janis Contway in her children's Easter show at Six Flags Frontier City Theme Park.
"Pretty Boy," Musical about the outlaw, who robbed from the rich to give to the poor during the Great Depression and his undying love for his wife, Ruby.  (Musical)
"Horseplay in the Oilpatch" A comedy in honor of the bankers, wildcatters, geologists, and others who survived the oil bust of the eighties. 
"Belle Starr" The infamous female outlaw of the nineteenth century tries to be a lady as she fights for the South by robbing the Yanks.  (Full length Musical)
"Song of Three Rivers," A full Length Musical set in the 183o's during the arrival of 35 Inian tribes to Indian Terriitory   As Warfare threatens the Indian way of life romance  blossoms between the Commander of Fort Gibson and an Osage  Princess. 
"The Winningest Coach" A coach is empowered by a childhood tragedy that continues to haunt him.
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"Stake Your Claim," A railroad wife, frightened by Indians, and saddened by loneliness finds courage when the landrun brings hundreds of neighbors.  (Musical)
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"Railroad Fever," A full length musical  about Oklahoma's railroads, the daring men who built them, the  towns that grew up around them, and the women who encouraged their men  to follow a dream.  (Full length Musical)
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"Storm on the Prairie" Settlers face their fears when a storm threatens their young family and come out stronger
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Shows produced during 2007
“Song of Three Rivers”

“Germans from Russia Settle Oklahoma”
"Belle Starr, Bandit Queen“
“Oklahoma Red, Whiite, and Blue”
“Buffalo Soldier”
"Happy Birthday Oklahoma"

“Christmas for All Creation”
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"Buffalo Soldier," A touring musical inspired by the life of Katherine Holmes, a  freed slave at Fort Reno, Ok who fell  in love with a Buffalo Soldier, and made the 1889 land run  Set to the music of slavery the show is a celebration of Oklahoma's rich black and women's history.
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Tell me a fact and I learn,  Tell me a truth and I believe,
but tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.

Indian proverb
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"America's Red Stain,"
A full length opera about the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma
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"War Dance at Three Rivers"
A full length musical about the conflicts between the Osage and Cherokee in the early 1830's.
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Every community has a story and we hear their music.  We see them onstage singing and dancing as the whole world applauds. 
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