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"The Lord of All Creation" is the life of Jesus in allegories for children and families. 

The birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus are reflected in the lives of animals set for sacrifice for the sin of man. 

The 45 minute Christmas musical introduces the characters and sets the scene for the seven 20 to 25 minute shows depicting the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Children in the congregation are encouraged to perform, join in, or sing along.
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                                                     LORD OF ALL CREATION SERIES

"Christmas for All Creation"
A full length children's musical about animals at the first Christmas plus a silly Mexican Parrot as they help Mary overcome her fear of giving birth in a stable where all are born to die as sacrifice.  .
"The Chosen" A one act in which Danny, the humble country donkey, is teased by Cornelius Camel, and Buddy Bull but is cheered by Polly Parrot and ecouraged by Lenny Lamb to be all he can be when he is chosen to carry Jesus into Jerusalem. 
Triumphal Entry" A one act in which Danny Donkey carries Jesus into Jerusalem and becomes a star, too 'busy' to help his friends, Lenny and Buddy who fear being sacrificed at Passover. 
"Star Struck" A one act in which Buddy, Lenny, and Polly audition for the Money Changer who in order to nullify prophesy, encourages them to crow like the rooster who predicts the denial of Jesus.
"Set Free" A one act children's musical in which a Polly Parrot is mistaken for a dove and imprisoned by the Money Changer to be set free when Jesus overturns the tables at the Temple. 
"Betrayed" In fear of his life, Buddy Bull betrays his friend, to the Money Changer who imprisons the Lenny, the unblemished lamb.  Polly tries to save him by giving him pimples (blemishes). 
"The Trial" One act about Lenny lamb's trial for being perfect.  Set at Passover at the time of the trial of Jesus. 
"The Crucifixion" Lenny Lamb is destined for sacrifice, but is spared when Jesus is crucified.  Danny Donkey repents for his arrogance and for helping to move the cross  as Jesus is crucified.
"The Resurrection" Polly, Danny, Lenny, and Cornelius walk with Jesus as Buddy Bull watches from afar.  All wear the crowns of inheritance.
Biblical Musicals and Plays for Children and families
"Lord of All Creation" is a series of children's musical allegories about animals in the Bible plus a silly Mexican parrot who become part of the life death, and resurrection of Jesus.  Premiered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with actors in costume.  Also performed as puppet shows.  Now being developed as picture books and animated DVD's.*
"Oklahoma Magi" A one act musical interpretation of the famous O'Henry Christmas miracle.  When a couple sacrifice their most prized posessions to buy gifts for each other, they discover the real meaning of Christmas.